• Tenant Information
  • Tenant Information
  • Tenant Information
  • Tenant Information
  • Tenant Information

Please call us if you require any additional clarification or confidential advice.

Having found a property you would like to let

A formal application form must be submitted from all adults to be named on the tenancy agreement. Each tenant will be fully and jointly responsible for the property and payment of rent.

We always take up references on applications. These can be any combination taken from information provided in the application form.

Please Note: We will require PROOF of ADDRESS i.e. utility bill, driving licence, passport, bank statement.


A tenancy cannot be finally given until:

  • Satisfactory references have been obtained
  • We have our client’s (landlord’s) final consent
  • All legal documentation has been signed
  • All monies due have been paid over and cleared

Rent/deposits should be paid by either bank transfer or card payments.

An application may be rejected at any stage.

The Type of Tenancy
Will normally be Assured Shorthold Tenancy for a minimum contract of six calendar months.

Is payable per calendar month, in advance, usually by standing order or bank transfer.

Of an amount equivalent to five weeks rent will be required in advance to be held against damage, dilapidations, non-payment of rent etc., and is returnable, less any deductions, only after vacation at the end of the tenancy and with the landlord's agreement.

Please note all Assured Shorthold Deposits will be placed in a Government Deposit Protection Scheme Berriman Eaton are members of the DPS Custodial Scheme.

During the term of the Tenancy
Unless specifically agreed or in writing, the tenants are responsible for payment of all utilities / services at the property and this includes Gas, Electricity, Oil, Coal, Water & Sewerage charges, Council Tax, British Telecom/Mercury charges, TV license and any charges associated with the usage of cable or satellite television.

You are responsible for keeping the property and Landlord’s contents in a clean and tidy condition, including the regular upkeep of any garden. As a tenant, you are responsible for replacing “everyday consumables” such as: - light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters, vacuum bags, batteries for doorbells or smoke detectors or remote handsets etc. You must not carry out any redecoration to the property or put nails in the walls etc., without specific written permission, and you must not carry out unauthorised repairs, except in an emergency. The property and contents must be thoroughly cleaned at the end of the tenancy.

IMPORTANT If you leave the property before the end of the Tenancy
You may still be legally liable and responsible for all your obligations and costs under the tenancy agreement including burst pipes. Please contact us at the earliest opportunity if you have a problem or you are unsure of what the required legal procedures are for you to give the correct notice to end your tenancy.