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Property Stamp Duty Suggested Reforms

David Wighton in The Times writes the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) suggests scrapping stamp duty and reforming council tax. Today’s banding system favours the rich – if you live in a house valued at£320,000 in 1991, you’ll pay the same as someone in a £50m house. Under the IFS’s system, payments would be around 0.6% of current values. Sure, cash-poor widows in mansions would suffer. But why shouldn’t people be encouraged to use their assets more efficiently and make better use of Britain’s limited housing stock?

Berriman Eaton Editorial – Wolverhampton West Magazine

Looking through some old sale particulars the other day which dated from the 1890s I realised how much things had changed over the years and thought it might be of interest to trace some of the developments. Continue reading “Berriman Eaton Editorial – Wolverhampton West Magazine”

How Long Before I Can Claim Land As My Own?

Mail On Sunday – By Ross Clark

I have been trying to get adverse possession of a fenced-off piece of land at the bottom of my garden since I bought my house in 1981. The land was owned by a development company that was dissolved in 1991 and the title vested in the Treasurer’s solicitor. Do I have to wait 30 years? Continue reading “How Long Before I Can Claim Land As My Own?”

Dream Homes, But Loan Nightmares

Mail On Sunday – By Neil Simpson

Most lenders have informal lists of property types they reject for mortgages. Banks justify this by saying they fear the properties in question will be hard to sell if they are repossessed. But it’s hard to know which properties are on these lists. If you apply to the wrong bank and get rejected, it can ruin your credit score. Here are the homes to worry about. Continue reading “Dream Homes, But Loan Nightmares”