Wealthy students or maybe not!

Impoverished students pose as millionaires to view £5m flat

All agents have had their share of tyre kickers and time wasters – but these two seem to have taken it to new heights. Literally.

Impoverished students Ben Foreman and Will Bainbridge whooshed up to the 18th floor of a new development in London, posing as a pair of start-up millionaires.

The un-named estate agent (but was it Knight Frank at this Berkeley Homes scheme?) apparently rolled his eyes at Will’s Teeside accent but otherwise seems to have behaved impeccably.

The pair looked round the £5m penthouse with its three bedrooms and two kitchens, and thought they might just about be able to afford to put down a wastepaper basket.

“The fact that we weren’t allowed to put a trampoline or helipad on the roof terrace was crushing. Only having two kitchens was worse still. Who did they think we were? Students?”, the pair write in a student magazine.

However, they thought the flat had potential and put in a cash offer of £793.42.

Funnily enough, it was rejected.

Ben said afterwards: “He [the agent] didn’t look like he twigged we were just students – but he may have just had a really good poker face.

“I told him I worked on Savile Row which isn’t technically a lie as I do have a Saturday job in Abercrombie.”

Reference: http://www.propertyindustryeye.com