EPC Legislation

Bruce Attwood, Associate and Compliance Officer for Berriman Eaton says:-

“The UK housing market always seems to hit the headlines for some reason, normally analysing whether property prices have dropped or increased and by what percentage. However this latest news will no doubt bypass the headlines, due to it not grabbing the general public’s attention, as legislation regarding Energy Performance Certificates has changed again.

To be fair, in the grand scheme of things this latest tweak is by no means the most onerous of requirements however, with the possibility of a £500 fine it’s worth being aware of nonetheless!

As of 1 October last year it became a requirement not only to show buyers/tenants the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the property but also to supply them with a copy & as of 9 January it is now necessary for the EPC rating to be included in all advertising.

The changes have been brought in to help improve the energy efficiency of the U.K.’s buildings, by providing consumers with more detailed, upfront information about the energy efficiency of a given property they are planning to buy or rent.

Estate Agents and Letting Agents have greater responsibilities with regards to the securing and presentation of the EPC’s, for both residential and commercial properties, whether they be for sale or rent.

So if you’re advertising a property for sale or rent you need to make sure the relevant EPC information is included NOW!”