So, who is the nation’s favourite TV property presenter?

A new poll carried out by has named Nick Knowles as the nation’s favourite property presenter on TV.

Knowles, who presents the BBC’s DIY SOS, beat Kevin McCloud and Phil Spencer into second and third place respectively.

Eye doesn’t find this surprising: Knowles is, um, quite appealing to women in a hod-carrying sort of way, plus his show has it all in terms of the human element, drama as everyone fights against weather and deadlines, jokes, and amazingly good-hearted builders who volunteer their services.

Kirstie, who has been lately showing us how to knit our own lampshades, makes the list in fifth place.

Other presenters in the Top 10 list include George Clarke (of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces), Lucy Alexander (Homes Under the Hammer) and Sarah Beeny (Property Ladder).

The BBC’s Changing Rooms pioneered the format of the property makeover show and paved the way for the vast number of property programmes aired today.

However, the show’s original run came to an end 11 years ago, which could explain why its presenters Linda Barker and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen – for whom any decor was great as long as it was purple – came ninth and tenth respectively.

The UK’s favourite property show presenters:

1st – Nick Knowles – DIY SOS

2nd – Kevin McCloud – Grand Designs; Man Made Home

3rd – Phil Spencer – Location, Location, Location; The Secret Agent

4th – George Clarke – The Restoration Man; George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

5th – Kirstie Allsopp – Location, Location, Location; The Property Chain

6th – Sarah Beeny – Property Ladder; Britain’s Best Homes

7th – Martin Roberts – Homes Under the Hammer

8th – Lucy Alexander – Homes Under the Hammer

9th – Linda Barker – Changing Rooms; 60 Minute Makeover

10th – Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen – Changing Rooms; House Gift